The Abundance Cheque

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We just came across this and thought of sharing because it really worked. Everything is an energy and the following is just one way of attracting the energy of money and if not money then other energies that you really need. This is what you need to do within 24 hours from a new moon (Amawas) during daytime.

  1. Take a cheque from your cheque book.
  2. In the space where you write the name to whom the cheque is issued, write your name.
  3. In the space where the rupee amount is written in words, write “Paid in Full”.
  4. In the box, where the numerical amount is written, write “Paid in Full”.
  5. In place where one signs, sign “Law Of Abundance”.
  6. At the back of the cheque, write “Law Of Abundance”

NOTE: Do not cross the cheque or put a date on it. Do not fold it. Place it in such a place where you can at least view it once a day. Keep following this ritual. It will do wonders!! You need not believe it or trust in it for it to work. It works anyways 🙂


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