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Abundance Stock Advisors (contact@AbundanceStockAdvisors.com) is a Pune, India based stock advisory and training company started by venture capitalist and ‘Krishna devotee’ Pratik P. Choudhary and his friend and relative Roshni Rajput. Being aware and uncomfortable with the fact that retail investors lose a lot of money in the stock markets, and primary reasons for it being lack of right knowledge and disciple while investing; the duo were motivated to help the Indian retail investors. With this drive and commitment to serve them Abundance Stock Advisors was born. Thus, a journey which started as individual passion, dream and hobby grew into a company with a mission to EDUCATE, EMPOWER and CREATE ABUNDANCE among Indian retail investors.

As a first step towards this, Abundance Stock Advisors became the first Indian company to launch a Video CD disclosing the “Ten money-making secrets of stock markets”. This Video CD disclosed all the secrets of the stock markets to the retail investor for the first time. It reached more than 5000 household in a year. Investors enthusiastically reported profits and a new-born disciplined style of investing and trading in them. This strengthened our belief that stock markets is a place to make huge money provided you have the right knowledge and discipline. To further spread this knowledge in a viral form so that it benefits maximum retail investors, the video session was made available free on ‘Youtube’ and our website.

After getting themselves educated and understanding the secrets of stock markets, the other problem which investors faced was that, they were not able to spot and pick the right stocks for investing. They were confused with a whole chunk of so-called (baseless) tips/rumours with selfish motives, flooding from all over. If not tips, they also complained of being tired of investing in the same stocks again and again without making money and thus losing out opportunities to make money from other stocks. Our video session made sure that they were not losing money, but they were not making money either. Responding to this, we soon formed a technical analysis team.This team includes core technical people with rich experience in equity research and analysis which advises the best stocks to invest in. 

Thus over the years, the company has been instrumental in training retail investors, recommending them stocks to invest in and advising them on personal financial planning. It has ensured that the power of knowledge, research and disciplined investing reached, each and every retail household in India. All our clients are mostly retail investors and we are proud to say that they have learnt the art of making money. 

Pratik P Choudhary says,

“We take pride in saying that we have managed to make a difference in the lives of retail investors. We do not like to make any false commitments and hence we do not guarantee any profits. Investment in stock markets always come with a certain risk factor. However we say confidently that if you cannot make money with our recommendations, then you have very less chance of making money in the stock markets. We are genuinely the best in the business. If you follow our video session, then if you do not make money, you will not lose it either! Remember that in stock markets, “Money saved is money earned!”. To summarize we would like to tell you, if you follow our recommendations, our weekly market view and our educational video, you have very high chances of making money in the stock markets. No matter what, you must try us at least once. Also, we do not promise you wealth overnight and request you to stay away from elements which promise you quick bucks overnight. Abundance Stock Advisors stands on the principle, “Money is not earned, it is attracted!”.Our mission is to spread the divine knowledge which was born in ancient India and which manifested abundance in all aspects without a doubt. We spread this knowledge of the universe though our articles published on our website. Even if you do not have a business relationship with us, please make sure that you go through them regularly. They may not always talk about money but we believe that this divine knowledge combined with your faith and enthusiastic involvement and without any doubts in your minds will lead to not just wealth creation but total abundance in your lives. Even if you do not subscribe to us, please do not forget the Mantras“.

Contact Us:

For any queries please email us at contact@AbundanceStockAdvisors.comWe would be happy to help you. Our SLA to revert to your queries is generally 2 working days. You could also visit us at our below office location with a prior appointment.

Abundance Stock Advisors

18/213, Netaji Nagar, Wanworie,

Opposite Station Workshop,

Pune: 411040.

Email: contact@AbundanceStockAdvisors.com

SMS: +91-8380896171

Social Welfare Programmes:

Money earned from the society should go back to the society. Abundance should reach every household of India. With this motive and as a socially responsible organisation, 10% of the fees, which we take from our clients, goes towards funding underprivileged students for their higher education and also for other social causes. In support of the mission ‘Go-Green’ and ‘Save-Earth’, we undertake tree plantation drives in Pune. We also conduct FREE workshops in Pune for people interested in stock markets, to inculcate the right knowledge and discipline in them.