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Prerequisite: Please go through “The 10 mantras of stock markets” as published on Youtube.com/Our website before going the below FAQ’s. If you have any further questions please send us your query at contact@AbundanceStockAdvisors.com

1. How should I play the stock markets to make money ?

Your portfolio should have only 10 stocks at any given point in time. Go on buying as and when we recommend stocks till your 10 counters are ready. Out of the 10 counters say 2 counters trigger stop loss, just exit them the next day. Replace these two counters with 2 fresh recommended stocks from us. Now soon the counters will start rallying and once they start rallying, you must exit all of them the day you see enough profits which will help you achieve your financial goal (if any). If you do not have a financial goal then we strictly recommend you to follow exit strategy (https://www.abundancestockadvisors.com//training/exit-strategy/) on all the counters to exit them. Keep holding these counters as long as the exit strategy doesn’t tell you to exit. This trading framework has the following advantages.

  1. You take maximum profits from any stock when it’s rallying, rather than selling on just 20-30% gain.
  2. By holding onto winning positions, you avoid frequent BUY-SELL and over-trading. If you frequently buy-sell you have high chances of losing money. This reduces your overall risk of losses.
  3. Doesn’t allow short term corrections and volatility in the market to affect your portfolio.
  4. Clear Buy and Sell points. Eliminates your emotions completely. Trading becomes systematic. 
  5. Proven systematic strategy that gives you a good chance to make money in the stock markets.

This framework is a very powerful one to make money in the stock markets. You just need to follow it blindly without using your brains.

2. I am completely new to stock markets with very little knowledge. Can I still opt for your service and invest in the stock markets?

It is good that you are a newbie. Had you been an experienced player, you would have lost a lot of money by now. In stock markets you just need to know two things to make money. 

  1. Entry point.
  2. Exit Point.

We provide you both the points in a very technical and strategic manner. Any additional knowledge will only complicate things further. Leave the technical study to us.

3. I want to learn about stock markets. Do you provide any training?

Yes. We used to conduct classroom trainings in Pune. However, we had a vision that the knowledge we shared in our classroom training should reach each and every retail investor. As a step towards this, the entire classroom training has been put up FREE of cost on our website under the “Training” menu. It covers stock market basics, Technical Analysis and Futures and Options.  We assure you that after going through this training, you will never ever enter into a loss making position. You will become a shrewd and calculated investor. Even if you do not subscribe to us, at least take this training without fail.

4. If I subscribe to you, what is the minimum amount I need to start investing?

You can start with any amount that you are comfortable with. It can be as low as 10,000 rs where you would invest 1000 Rs in each of the 10 counters. Following points should be followed religiously.

    • Never take a loan to invest money in stock markets. Never borrow and invest.
    • Invest only that amount which you do not need for the next one year.

The above pointers take away all the burden that you as a retail investor carry while trading. Thus you can trade efficiently now.

5. What % of my total savings should go to stock markets? 

As a rule of thumb, 25-30% should go to stock markets, 40-60% should go to real estate and 10-20% should go to debts, liquidity and precious metals. This investment distribution hardly fails. Never place all your money in one basket. Diversification is the key! Considering the current multi-year bull market that we are in now, you could increase your equity exposure a little more.

6. How much returns can I expect every month? 

Stock markets should be treated strictly as an investment platform and not a trading platform. When you invest in real estate or gold  for that matter, do you ask yourself the monthly returns that you would get? Certainly not. Investment in stock markets is no different.  We are here to invest and our aim should be that over a decent period of time, our wealth should multiply substantially. The entire trading framework (discussed above in first FAQ) revolves around this philosophy and it works wonders. It would be unfair to expect monthly gains. You might just miss out on opportunities to make huge money by squaring off your portfolio every month (unless you have monthly financial goals to be achieved). There is no point in exiting from a stock when it has a potential to make a fortune. Additionally, creating a portfolio every month from scratch only increases your risk further.

7. What is the subscription process?

Please follow the instructions on the link https://www.abundancestockadvisors.com//subscription-charges/ and the rest will be taken care off. Its that simple!

8. Do you provide any support post subscription?

Yes.  We provide email support for all your queries once you a member.

9. How many calls do you provide in a week/month/year?

The number of calls will tend to vary depending on the market situation. Sometimes you would receive 10 calls a week and sometime no calls at all. It all depends. When the markets are not very favorable, we become extra cautious and do not recommend those stocks which we would normally do in a favorable market. So technically you should not be worried over the number of stocks that are recommended. Leave it to us and be assured that you will get calls only when the markets are favorable to make money. Also note that to our 10 counter trading framework, the number of calls are not important at all. Once you have 10 counters in your portfolio and they have started rallying, you will not take any new positions. You will use our recommendations only when you have exited and booked profits in a few of your existing counters and you again need to replenish your 10 counters. 

10. How are the recommendations sent? Email? SMS? What time?

Our Recommendations are sent via emails a day before at night between 10-11.45 PM. So what you have to trade tomorrow, you know today itself. Our Recommendations are NOT sent via SMS as we believe that the information we provide with our recommendations is very important for our clients before taking a position and that information cannot be sent via SMS.

11. Do you provide different calls to different clients?                          

No. Everybody gets the same set of calls. 

12. Do you provide Portfolio Management Service (PMS)?

No. We believe that you are the best person to manage your hard earned money. Nobody understands your immediate financial needs, liabilities, financial goals and risk taking abilities better than you. Nobody takes your money and investments as seriously as you would. Hence never trust anyone but yourself with your own portfolio, NO MATTER WHAT. 

13. Are you a broking company? If no then can you recommend any good  broking company?

We are not a broking company and neither do we have any tie-ups with any of them. We do not recommend any specific player as well. However we strictly recommend you to opt for a player who would allow you to trade on phone. A player who would allocate you a relationship manager who will keep a track of your portfolio, your stop losses etc. He should intimate you on all the happenings in your portfolio. You should not waste your time watching the markets the whole day. It will create confusion, negativity and you will lose your track. In a nutshell, you should utilize the services of the broking company for all the housekeeping activities that your portfolio requires.

14. Do you provide any trials?

We do not provide any trials. We recommend only positional calls and the stocks move with time. Therefore, providing a few days trial makes little sense. Lets say If we provide a trial for a week, it might happen that we may not recommend any stock in that week. Trials make sense in the intra-day world but we do not provide any intra-day recommendations. Our subscription charges have been purposefully kept low so that you could still subscribe to us, see how we perform over a period and once you are convinced only then you could start investing on the basis of our recommendations. 

15. Do you provide any recommendations in commodities ?


16. Do you provide any recommendations for Intra-day ?


17. Any other question?

Please send us all your technical queries at contact@AbundanceStockAdvisors.com and be assured that it will be answered. You could also call us at +91-8380896171 for general/non-technical queries. We encourage you to email us for a detailed and satisfactory response.