Manifesting your Financial Goals

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Everybody has goals but very few can manifest them. Those who manifest them have one thing in common, their goals are directly or indirectly linked to the benefit of others, they are very clear about what they want and they keep giving it the desired energy. Let me explain what this means. Let’s say your goal is to make a million rupees or buy a new car etc.
As a starting point you need to:
1). Be very specific about what you want. In other words, express you goal in one short, simple and specific sentence. For example: I want a new Maruti Swift diesel by December 2013 for having frequent family tours.
2). Your goal should be in the interest (directly/indirectly) of others. Mentally attach your goal to the betterment of others.
3). Let go of your inner blocks which make you believe that you cannot achieve your goal.
4). Be physically relaxed about achieving your goal. Don’t let stress conquer your body and mind.

I recall a friend who wanted to buy some car for all its aesthetics and performance. But deep down he wanted it because he wanted to drive his family on frequent tours. The goal was ultimately in the interest of his family. He obviously didn’t have the money to buy the car but he always believed that he could have one! Every day he used to visualize (give energy) the car and he taking his family on tours every weekend. He could visualize and feel (receive positive energy) the smiles of his family. Within a year, he won the car as a bumper gift in some lucky draw.

I am not asking you to believe in this story because I want you to create one. If you’re selling something, see how your customers can benefit from it. If you’re working in a company, see how the company benefits from you. No matter how selfish your goal is, see that it’s in the best interest of others. Think of a goal you have right now and be absolutely clear about it. If your goal is achieved, there will be many reasons behind it but one reason surely will be, because you attached energy to it for the good of the others. So now you know how to achieve your financial goals?


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