Market View: 08-12 Sep 2014

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Week Market View: 08-12 Sep 2014
Market This Week NIFTY had a decent run last week owing to weakening of crude prices, decent FII flows and overall positivity created due to the enthusiasm being shown by Shri Narendra Modi. This week too, the NIFTY would continue to move up with a new found base of 7850-7974. There will be some minor slags and corrections but nothing to worry really. That’s how the markets move. We will keep you posted in case if we foresee a major consolidation period or a correction. For now this market is header higher and we must take advantage of it. We are in the first leg of the bull rally and we should end the year comfortably from here without major panic. Historically the month of October has never been good for the markets. You must look at some profit booking this month if your financial goals have been achieved. All the best!

Note: Due to technical problems, the market view could not be updated on time. We regret any inconvenience caused to you due to this. Please accept our apologies for the same.

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