Market View: 10-14 Dec 2012

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Week 10-14 Dec 2012
Market This Week Last week was a terrific week for all of us. Good money made!! We expected a little sell-off and it did happen but the rally continued. Friday was supposed to be a special day since there were actions from the parliament but the market already seemed to have countered it before opening.One important thing that we all need to take notice off is that, there are stocks which have doubled/tripled in last six months. Rollovers have started happening. Taking the case of one of our recommendations in mid November i.e Gitanjali Gems is 23.5% up till now. Some recommendations have given more than 50% in two months. This does not happen in a bear market. If you see the FII data below, they are super positive. Currently, the market is very nicely poised and  driven by Media, Pharma and FMCG. The market phase that we are experiencing now is a phase where the market is building a base to make massive moves in future. This phase will not make headlines but it’s surely the start of a bull market. For the next three-four months we are very bullish and not much downside is expected. Reforms are likely to flow in and the markets might consolidate for sometime before moving further. The NIFTY may cross 6000 levels and we should be able to cross the earlier highs by January. The bulls are likely to take full control by Feb.

Remember, money made in the market is directly proportional to the time spent in the market. Our recommendations would fetch you gold in the times to come! 

FII Inflow
Sr.No Reporting Date Net Investment (In Crores)
1 03-Dec-2012 1660.20
2 04-Dec-2012 789
3 05-Dec-2012  600
4 06-Dec-2012 957
5 07-Dec-2012 2140
Strategy For The Week
  • Be stock specific. Spend time on our recommendations. 

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