Market View: 11-15 Nov 2013

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Week Market View: 11-15 Nov 2013
Market This Week Last week we saw a correction in the NIFTY. When the market is trying to cross all-time highs, a correction is certainly expected. It will take a step back before it takes a couple of steps forward. Not surprising at all !! This should be treated as a mundane correction where a 150 point odd correction was certainly on the way. This correction is good in a way that it will test the strength of the market and we will get a clear direction from here on. Anything below 6050 on the NIFTY should ring a warning bell for us. Till then we are good. During these correction phases, there are good chances of stocks triggering stop losses. Be a little cautious. Follow Exit Strategy to exit your positions.
FII Inflow
Sr.No Reporting Date Net Investment (In Crores)
1 04-Nov-2013  
2 05-Nov-2013 227.40
3 06-Nov-2013 180.10
4 07-Nov-2013 285.40
5 08-Nov-2013 483.80

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