Market View: Week starting 31 March 2014

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Week Market View: Week starting 31 March 2014
Market This Week WOW! Amazing rally last week. Please note that the current market is not a bubble. Do not fall prey to those who are viewing this as a bubble. As a rule there would definitely be corrections (because that’s how the markets move), but the NIFTY will continue to rally unless something goes terribly wrong. The market is all set to scale higher than where we are right now. There has been heavy buying from the FII’s. Remember, they are the stronger players of the market. Rather, these are the money making players of the market. It is they who decide the direction of the market and they view India as their best bet now. On the retail investor front, as usual there is no participation. They are waiting for a dip which doesn’t seem likely now. We are happy for all our clients who have participated in this rally rather than watching from the fence. Our recommended stocks are outperforming and to name a few, Amtek is 60% up in a months’ time, VIP 34% in 10 days, Symphony 24% in 15 days. A number of them have rallied more than 10% in just 3-4 days. The kind of appreciation emails that we have received from our clients tells us the entire story. We thank you all for giving us this opportunity to prove a point. Remember that this is the time to continue holding counters which are rallying. This is not the market where you should be satisfying yourself with just 10% returns from any counter. Once a recommended stock starts rallying, continue to hold it rather than frequently selling-buying those 10 counters of your portfolio. If you have any confusion, just follow the exit strategy. This week the two major events to be looked at is the announcement of the credit policy and the Auto sector sales number. Overall the week would be a positive one. On the long term market view, there is a hope for a better governance and policies post elections. There could be small corrections coming in due to profit booking just before the election results. The overall bias in certainly positive for now. Let’s approach it a week at a time. All the best! Just have a look at the FII numbers below!!

Note: There would be a FREE training course coming on our website by the end of this week under the ‘Training’ section. It would cover the basics of Technical analysis and F&O. Investors are advised to go through it as it will definitely be a value addition.
FII Inflow
Sr.No Reporting Date Net Investment (In Crores)
1 24-Mar-2014  4280.50
2 25-Mar-2014  1609.40
3 26-Mar-2014  1303.60
4 27-Mar-2014 1029.20
5 28-Mar-2014 2257.50

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