Meditation, Affirmation and Visualization

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Start attract abundance with the below few simple techniques.

Affirmations: Affirmations are positive statements one makes to himself for fulfillment of his desires. The power of affirmations will get you what you want. To know more about affirmations click here.

Visualization: Research shows that visualization can manifest almost anything. Indian Yogis have used it to manifest realities for them and others. Let’s see what a sample visualization is like. Let’s say you want to purchase a beautiful house for yourself and you have not been able to do so due to certain constraints ( including lack of money). So what you do now is Start visualizing your dream house, your family in the house, your kids playing in the garden, a garage where you are busy with your car etc. Visualize and feel the joy. Start visualizing all that you want in that house. Don’t worry if it would manifest. It has to !! Do this exercise all the time and forget all about the result. Just keep focusing on what you want. Let it have an inception effect on your subconscious. Your visualization would become a reality one day (without a doubt for sure). Ask a question to yourself, all that you ever wanted, did you once visualize it knowingly or unknowingly ? The answer deep down would be “Yes”.

Meditation: One of the easiest way to attract wealth is to do “Nothing”. Nothingness will get you all the wealth you ever wanted. To go into nothingness you have to meditate. Meditation has the effect of sedimentation. All the dirt starts settling and your inner (God’s) voice starts guiding you. This is the ultimate guide. Your mind is like a monkey which is always confused. It just cannot guide you. Meditation will take you out of jealousy, greed, peer comparisons, hatred and all other ill emotions which are just distortions of love. You will become “LOVE”. Understand that love is not an emotion or a feeling. It is your true being (My experience with ‘Sudarshan Kriya’ helped me realize this). When you return back to your original nature, you become one with the universe. You have uplifted yourself and indirectly others too ( we are all connected). You have done nature’s (God’s) job. Now nature will return all that you gave it and thus the first thing that it gives you is immense wealth ( by then you realize that money is the most petty thing you ever wanted). Remember that meditation is the ultimate truth on this earth. All mysteries are resolved while meditating.

Start uplifting yourself today!! Go and find the Truth!!



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