Re-Programming For Attracting Wealth

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We are all born divine and come pre-programmed for abundant health, wealth and relationships. Being divine, we have the intelligence to attract anything at will. However as we grow up our minds are corrupted and trained to compete, judge and compare. We are fed with ego which has now become an integral part of ours. We inherited corrupt and preconceived ideas and fixed thoughts which were not ours. They were passed on “second-hand” to us by our parents, relatives, teachers, friends etc. We live these fixed set of second-hand ideas and thoughts and hence our life resonates to the frequency of those thoughts and ideas.¬†Bottom line, With respect to money also, we have some second-hand thoughts and ideas and hence we think we know where our money comes from and also from where it could possibly come from. Right?

  • We think of our job from where we get out monthly salary.
  • We think of our family business which draws us money.
  • We think of a parallel business as another source of income.
  • We think of winning some lottery.
  • We think of receiving it as an inheritance.
  • We think of finding money on a street,or in an old jacket pocket etc.

All of the above are thoughts and beliefs of somebody else which we received as ‘Virasat’. We were not born with them. Unfortunately, they have now become a part of our belief system. This belief system stands as a wall between us and divine sources of money. So how do we let go these beliefs and attract money from other sources? To simply attract money from divine we need to re-program our beliefs. We need to remove all filters that makes us belive that money comes from fixed sources. We need to start believing that money can come anytime, from anywhere, from anybody. remember, before the TV set receives a signal, the antenna is already tuned to receive that signal. Lets go ahead to see how our antenna is to be tuned to attract money from the universe !!

We need to repeat the following affirmations frequently (once for sure before going to bed and after waking up in the morning) to ourself (our subconscious mind) on a daily basis. We should repeat them will our entire energy focussed on them.

  • I RELEASE all my filters about receiving money.
  • I DESERVE to be rich and wealthy.
  • I am NOW OPEN to receiving money from anywhere and at any time.
  • Money comes to me through unexpected ways.
  • Miracles happen all the time and bring money to me.
  • I value money. I spend it with generosity.
  • I am GRATEFUL to the universe for the abundant wealth that I am receiving from everywhere.

You can modify/translate the above statements in your own words and in any language of your choice without losing its meaning. The point is, you need to be comfortable with them. You also need to write them on a paper and hang/stick it in as many places as you can, where you can see it multiple times a day. When you see them, repeat the affirmations (silently/loudly) visualising that all of them are happening. This activity will re-program your thoughts and beliefs in a much-needed positive manner. It will have an ‘inception’ effect on your subconscious mind and these ideas will permanently be a part of your subconscious mind. Once it is in your subconscious, you will attract all of the above even if you are not consciously aware of it (Just like you are breathing without consciously being aware of it). Please be aware of the fact that your old beliefs and thoughts didn’t come to you in a day. Its taken years. Similarly, this activity also will take some time for the re-programming. But if you believe in it and stick to it, you will manifest it sooner or later. Get started right away…..

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