Releasing Trapped Energies

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Birds of the same feather flock together. Like attracts like. Law of attraction is so prevalent in nature. Everything is an energy. Everything drills down to an electron, proton and a neutron at the end of the day. Our body, all of its organs, living and non-lining objects around us; everything that surrounds us irrespective of whether the human mind can interpret it, consists of electrons and protons vibrating in space around their axis. Hence everything is an energy in this universe. If you are in tremendous stress or anger, your head becomes slightly warmer. Reason being, our thoughts and emotions are also energy. During our entire lifetime we go through millions of thoughts and emotions and most of us find it difficult to express them most of the times. Due to this, the energy of all those repressed thoughts and emotions gets trapped in our body. Our body no longer vibrates with the perfect vibrations of this universe. The trapped energy which is no longer pure then attracts circumstances/situations which vibrates with this negative energy. The circumstances that gets attracted may be diseases, poor relationships, inadequate wealth or failing to attract wealth and many more. If we were to relase these trapped energies, we would start resonating with the energy of the universe which is divine and has abundance to offer you. So how do we release these trapped emotions? For this to happen you need to come back to your true nature which is “LOVE”. One of the powerful way to achieve this is through “MEDITATION”.

Whether one believes in this is totally personal, but belief systems hardly impact the laws of nature. Your trapped emotions could be preventing money to come to you!!

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