Seeds Of Abundance

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I again came across this beautiful knowledge through a friend, tried it, got wonderful results and hence feel like sharing. The idea behind the following is to plant seeds of what you want in your life. The following is what you need to do:

  • 1. Take (10/50/100/500) rupee note as per your financial status.
    2. Write on it in pencil,”May you get abundant health, wealth and relationships”.
    3. Other things like “Live long, may all wealth be yours” can also be written.
    4. It is advisable to write things that you want to manifest in your life.
    5. while writing, feel as if you have already got what you wrote on the note.
    6. Place these currency notes at such places where other people can easily find it. On a shelf in a mall, inside a magazine at a barber shop, near an ATM machine etc.
    7. Leave the currency note there and move on. Dont wait to see who gets it.

The seed has been sown now. The seeds will manifest and the fruits would come to you. It doesnt matter if you dont believe in it! It will manifest anyways :-).

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