Please follow the below steps to ensure that our emails do not land in your spam folder. These steps are specific to GMAIL. You will have to perform their equivalent if you are using any other email service provider besides GMAIL. It is your sole responsibility to ensure that our emails do not land in your Spam/Junk email folders.

1. Open Gmail

2. Click the shown gear in the top right. gear

3. Select Settings

4. Click on the Labels tab

4.1 Scroll down to the Labels section

4.2 Hit the button Create new label

4.3 Enter the label name as ASA

4.4 Hit Create button

5. Go to the Filters tab at the top (three places to the right of the “Labels” tab of step 4 above)

5.1 Hit the link Create a new filter (At the bottom of the page, right in the center)

5.2 In the From field enter OR (Note: You need to enter the entire string in red in the ‘From’ field. The ‘OR’ implies that mails sent from either of the email id’s of ours should land in your ASA folder)

5.3 Hit the link Create filter with this search (At the bottom right corner)

5.4 In the next window

a. Check the option Skip the Inbox (Archive it)

b. Check the option Apply the label and select the label as ASA

c. Check the option Never send it to Spam

d. Hit Create Filter

6. Now all the emails from us would land in the “ASA” folder (seen on the left hand side) that you have just created. You will have to confirm that you are receiving our emails in this folder.