Stock Recommendation Service

Stock Recommendations @5969 only

If you have gone through our video session and if you are committed to follow those 10  Mantras told and if you follow our stock recommendations, you can be amongst the 2% money-making people in the stock markets. Our stock recommendations can be categorised under the following categories.

1) Momentum:

  • Hits the target within 10-20 days.
  • Gains are between 15-25%.
  • The target that we give is the minimum target. The stocks have the potential to move beyond it.
  • These recommendations are independent of the market situation. They show movement and fetch you profits despite the market fluctuations.  If a little support from the market is received, they do wonders.
  • You will definitely come across some news regarding these stocks in Newspapers/New channels after 1-3 Days/Weeks, from our recommended date. By that time the stock has already performed and you have made your money. 
  • If you have gone through our video session, these are the calls which follow the Corporate /Demand Supply/ Trend change games. Their technical Parameters/Indicators are all in the right place.
  • You get between 1-4 calls per week depending on the market situation.

The below is the sample of a ‘Momentum’ stock recommendation. (Click image to enlarge).

Sample Momentum Stock Recommendation


2) Delivery:

  • Hits the target within 2-4 months.
  • Gains are between 40-55%.
  • These recommendations are of technically and fundamentally good companies which are currently doing well and have a great potential in the coming times.  
  • These are for long-term investors who wish to park their surplus for 2-4 months. 
  • The target that we give is the minimum target. The stocks have the potential to move beyond it.
  • You get between 1-2 calls per week depending on the market situation.

The below is the sample of a ‘Delivery’ stock recommendation. (Click image to enlarge).

Hi This is a deliverystock reco

Sample Delivery Stock Recommendation


3) Multibagger:

  • Hits the target within 4-6 months.
  • Gains are more than 100%. These stocks have the potential to double in no time.
  • These are stocks which have been in the dormant state for quite a long time and suddenly start moving quickly due to various technical and fundamental reasons.
  • These also fall in the category of those stocks which show a trend reversal (uptrend) after a massive previous fall.
  • The target that we give is the minimum target. The stocks have the potential to move beyond it.
  • You get between 6-10 calls a year.

The below is the sample of a Multibagger stock recommendation. (Click image to enlarge).

Sample Multibagger Stock Recommendation


4) Futures and Options:

  • These are Momentum stock recommendations in the F&O segment.
  • A stock which trades in F&O segment and has been recommended in the Momentum ‘Cash’ segment is likely to be recommended for trading in the Momentum F&O segment also.
  • These are for investors who want to invest less and make maximum profits.
  • Their features are the same as Momentum calls.

The below is the sample of a Momentum stock recommendation in the F&O segment. (Click image to enlarge).

Sample F&O Stock Recommendation



Weekly Market View


It’s very important to know the market’s health while investing your hard-earned money into it. All retail investors enter the markets at the wrong time and lose money. We are against timing the market as we believe that nobody can time the market. You should invest in the stock market with a calculated risk and its our job to reduce the risk as much as possible. To reduce the risk, we publish our view on the market every week. This helps our clients to get a hang of the market before they make any decision.

It has been observed that when the markets are moving up, retail investors are waiting for it to fall and when the markets are falling, they are waiting for it to fall further so that they can enter the market and make money. Unfortunately, either they don’t enter the markets at all or enter at the wrong time. In either of the cases they miss a chance to make money. If you follow our market view, you will be relieved of this frustration for sure.You will enter the markets at the right time and make money. It is mandatory for all our clients to go through the market view before investing. 

The following are the features of our market view.

  • It is updated on our site every monday.
  • A dedicated technical team studies the index, where various factors are considered before publishing the market view.
  • It guides you whether to BUY, SELL or STAY AWAY from the market.
  • It guides you on the strategy to be followed for the week.
  • The accuracy of our market view is more than 90%. It deviates only under some unpredictable circumstances that affect the market.

Below is a sample market update. (Click image to enlarge).

Sample Market View

Sample Market View


    • Our Recommendations are sent via emails a day before. So what you have to trade tomorrow, you know today itself.
    • Our Recommendations are NOT sent via SMS as we believe that the information we provide with our recommendations is very important for our clients before making a decision and that information cannot be sent via SMS.
    • We DO NOT provide any FREE trials of our stock recommendation service as we have full faith in our service and our annual subscription cost is already subsidised to meet the demands of a retail investor.
    • For information on subscribing to our service and our subscription charges please click here.

Note: Your subscription to our ‘Stock Recommendation Service’ is governed by these Terms of Service.