The Wealth Genie

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[You are one of those fortunate persons who is receiving this ancient idea of manifesting desires. Thank the divine for choosing you.] One of my spiritual guru shared with me a concept through which you can create a genie that would manifest all your wishes. I have tried it and it’s just unbelievable!! Here is how you create it:

  • 1. Take a card board box (If you use a pyramid, results would be quicker). Decorate it externally if you want.
  • 2. Place mirrors on the inner 4 sides of its walls ( in case of a pyramid too, the base should be a rectangle ) facing each other just like in a trial room where you are surrounded by mirrors on all 4 sides.
  • 3. Create a drawing on a white paper that has a green circle and inside the green circle write ,”I am effortlessly manifesting abundant wealth”. All text should be written in green color. Make sure the green circle is not kept open in anyways.
  • 4. Place a magnet(s) on the base of the box.
  • 5. Draw (clockwise) a “Reiki Power symbol”  on white paper in blue/violet colour and place it over the magnet.
  • 6. Place the drawing created in step 3 over the Reiki Power symbol.
  • 7. Close the box with its lid.
  • 8. Create this box with feelings of love and abundance. Visualise your goal being achieved while you create this box. Visualise this daily as you look at the box. Be creative in giving all your energy to this box. 
  • 9. The person who wants the benefits should create this box all by himself.
  • 10. Create the box preferably within 24 hours of a new moon day (Poornima).

This ritual will flood you with abundance. Also remember that the genie would manifest anything that is written in the green circle as in step 3. You can write almost anything that you desire. It could be like “I want XYZ lakhs at the end of the year”. Remember, whatever you write should be affirmative. Ex: Give me good health. Do not write something like “Do not give me sickness”. Finally remember, you need to be sure that you deserve what you are asking for !!


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