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A complete video based technical analysis course worth 16 Hours, that will make you a shrewd money making investor.
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Coming January 2020

“An Investment in Knowledge pays the best interest”

We provide FREE training to all stock market aspirants through our YouTube channel. Our channel is not for your entertainment, its purely a technical channel where the purpose of every video is to lead you towards profits. Can you make money by seeing videos like “Why did Vijaya Mallya go bankrupt?” or something eye catching like “Trade war between US and China”, “Why the markets are crashing?” etc. These videos are made by creators to gain views and earn revenue but they do not help you as an investor at all. They only entertain you. Our videos are for all the serious stock market investors who wish to invest and make money in the stock markets. We mean business!

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Advantages of being our channel subscriber

  • We release minimum 2 videos a week.

  • You can ask us questions in the comments section of our videos and we would be happy to answer your questions.

  • You can request us to make a video on a particular topic that you may be interested in and we would do it for you.

  • You need not waste your money by enrolling for any course. If you go through all our videos or stay subscribed to our channel you will know enough to make money in the stock markets.

Please remember that a course or a training will certainly help you gain know-how as to how the markets work. It will make you theoretically good. But understand that picking a stock for investment is a different ball game altogether. The more time you spend in the markets, the better you would become at picking the right stocks. The whole process of picking a stock is both an ART as well as a SCIENCE. One training can certainly not make you an expert at picking stocks. Becoming an expert takes time, knowledge, lot of research and expertise.

When we recommend stocks to our clients, we always request them to start analysing it as to why we recommended it. It’s a good way to get started and apply your theoretical skills.

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