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न चोर हार्यं न च राज हार्यं न भात्रू भाज्यं न च भारकारि| व्ययं कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम||

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I am a recent subscriber to Abundance Stock Advisors. I dont know whether you remember me. Wish you a very Happy Diwali & a Prosperous New Year. I wanted to contact you since many days, but couldn’t do so. I am writing this mail because the day I had subscribed with your services, I had decided on doing one thing. As I am big fan of your Mantra 10, one thing I strictly wanted to follow is & have started following one of the laws mentioned which  is donating 30% of my profits to needy Female Children. But along with that what I had decided was that the profit I make in my first month of the subscription, I want to give 30% of it back to the source , i.e, Abundance Stock Advisors ! So, I would be very grateful if you can please accept my little gesture in return of the overall positive feeling I have got from Abundance Stock Advisors. i have made a profit of approx Rs 10000 in my first month with the help of your recommendations, so i have transfered Rs 3000 from my HDFC Bank a/c into your Account. I really hope that I did not offend you in anyway. its just that I want to convey my heartfelt thanks to You. kindly accept the same & I really pray that you keep the good work going & God helps me too in whatever little I have decided to do. Looking forward to a longlasting relationship with Abundance Stock Advisors! Thanking You

Sandeep S, Mumbai

Well they say what you attract is always in line with what thoughts you resonate with. Well I consider myself to be someone who is always in search of deeper truth, honesty n genuineness. That why I got you guys. I was totally impressed with the youtube video on the 10 mantras and it didn’t take much time to believe in your values. About the philosophy of your business I can say that I am quite impressed and would want to stay with you for a long long time.

Cajjie P, Dubai

It was by chance I came across the videos on Stocks in youtube. I saw them 3 times and felt them very informative, motivative and highly knowledgeable. That day itself I decided to go for the services of stock recommendations as I dont have much technical knowledge. Now after receiving the recommendations I feel I have done a very good job and I really feel surprising that such services, advices, concern,care is available for such less price of 2900. Here the service is also abundance. I have got all the replies via Email. I wish all the success to abundance stock adivsors. After all their success is our success. Thank you ASA’s for having around us

Manju B, Dharwad

Abundance is simply great and reliable partner for investing in stock market, I would recommend all to go through their video first, it is really full of fact and true knowledge of stock market in simple word. Best thing about them is that they provide you the advise in advance with proper details, so that you can take your position on time. After 5 month association with Abdundance Advisor, on their advise , I would say I have already recovered my previous stock market loss by more than 50%.

Waseem A , Pune

I want to applaud you guys for the wonderful service you are providing towards retail investors. After joining your service, I have earned money on your recommendations and have been more disciplined also in my investing career. I am really happy to be a part of your team, as I think you are extremely disciplined and also focused on customer needs! Hats off to your commitment and thanks for the excellent services. Keep up the great work!

Mr P Iyer, Bangalore

I am recent subscriber to Abundance Stock Advisors.It was really great that i came accoss your ideas and technique from your video uploaded in yoUtube. Priviously i use to lose lot of money in intraday – Nearly 1L money has evaporated in intraday. But now i am getting good number of call along with No of days which makes profitable. It really helped me to hold the stock and then take position and profit. Good logic here is opening 10 counters by investing in 10 different stocks. I really appreciate your team for sucess. The great thing is you will not provide advice when market is not good by market view this helps to keep money safer in account instead of losing. Thanks for your support and I am really happy to be a part of your team.
Your website has very good information on trading – it is helping me lott.

Hariharasudhan, Chennai

My heartiest congratulation to your team for providing advices/tips really in making money.I can proudly say that I am one of the Abundance family. You are the only advisor who actually create money. Sir,I have been associated with you since last MAY and I am in profit achieving my financial goal and strictly follow your exit policy.

Rajan P, Bhubaneshwar

Dear team members, I thank you so much for providing all your hard earned knowledge to me like people who are interested in stock market , but who don’t dare to step in. the almighty gives you so much health and success in all walks of every team members.

M Rao, Kurnool

Dear Abundance, It has been 10 months since traveling with you and has been gaining profits accordingly as I have started with stock markets 10 months ago only. I am a big fan of your 10 mantras in the you tube and learnt a lot of discipline being patient too. Your mantras are not just for my profits but for the up bringing of poor by just giving some part of my profits which made me to learn happiness in the faces of poor. Thank you for your suggestions and you take less give more, be the same what you are. I pray God to give you more abundance, i will happy to continue our relationship in the long run…..Regards.

Shubham, Pune

Now that one year since being the subscriber of ASA is, nearer, to be completed. My experience with the recommendations so far is very positive. I betrayed you in some of the points like “stop loss” which I rarely followed. In some occasions I stood right than in most. overall I am quite satisfied and want to remain as subscriber. Kindly intimate the date/month for renewal of subscription.

Mr Mitra, Kolkata

Your recommendation is good enough to follow. Though you have given an exit policy in your website but it would be helpful for me to alert in time through e-mail for exit from the recommended stock. Regards.

Jayanta M, Kolkata

I am very Thankful for you and your suggestions..I am very glad to tell you that, I have already earned more than half of the investment I made with Abundance to get Suggestions in span of less than 2 weeks with your recommendations :)

Rajesh N, Bangalore

The 10 mantras make sense to me since I was a long time trader. I lost a lot of money. Since the recommendation service is so cheap, I decided to go for it. Today I really don’t regret my decision.

Mohsin B, Bangalore

I never got why I could never make the money in the stock markets until the time I saw the videos on youtube. It was a breakthrough. I was quick to opt for the recommendation service. There is a lot of variety in the stocks that are recommended. Previously, I used to trade only in 10-15 stocks for years buying and selling just them. But now I put and make money in stocks which I never even heard of before.

Chetan S, Pune

Dear Team, Going through your suggestion, all are remarkable and excellent. Can you give me rational for these company recommendation.

Dhaval Bhojwani, Nagpur

The education I got through the mantras have changed my life. I used to pay 6000/month for a recommendation service. All was a waste. Now I pay less and gain much more in return. I just follow what is being taught and do not use my brains. The recommendations really work and I make decent money. I cannot invest without your service and help now.

Agnelo, Goa

Dear Abundance, You guys are awesome, almost all the scrips have reached targets that you have given. Keep up your good work. I will do my part by referring more friends to join.

Nagarjuna, Vellore

For the first time in my life, I am in positive profit continuously for two months ever since I started taking your guidance.I could get nearly Rs 65000 profit for an investment of 2.5 lakhs.Thanks a lot. I wish same success to all your customers.

Bhogendranath, Bangalore

I would like to thank you for your accurate recommendations . I find my experience very satisfying so far. I am following your instructions. I hope you continue to provide such satisfactory support in future. Thanking you.

V Dravid , Bhopal

This is mail is regards with my subscription will be completing in 8 th November 2017, so I want to continue our relationship in future also because I am very happy with your subscription, and also please suggest me the best subscription which have to take because from the bottom of my heart I believe that your 100% that your genuine and prompt service your doing, so please suggest me the best subscription and charges for renewal(is there any discount for already subscribed).

Dr. V Chakravarthula, Hyderabad

Abundance Stock Advisors

A SEBI Registered Research Analyst’s Group.

(Reg # INH000004608)

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